Customer Agreement with Agent

I hereby confirm that:

  1. I have not filed an Income Tax Return in Ireland for the assessable years and I authorise Red Tax Oak Refunds to act as my exclusive agent with the Revenue Commissioners for the current tax year and the four preceding tax years.
  2. I have fully disclosed to Red Oak Tax Refunds all information regarding my income, taxes, assets and personal circumstances that may impact on my tax assessment and I acknowledge responsibility for any discrepancies in the information I provide.
  3. I understand that while Red Oak Tax Refunds will attempt to achieve my maximum allowable tax refund, the Revenue Commissioners have the final say on the refund amount due, and I understand that Revenue may require receipts and documents to support items claimed.
  4. I authorise Red Oak Tax Refunds to receive and process any refunds due to me and remit the refund less their commission by bank transfer. I agree a commission rate of 9% + VAT of refunds received subject to a minimum fee of €29 for each tax year a refund is due, however, if no refund is due there is no charge.
  5. Where I receive the refund from any source other than Red Oak Tax Refunds, I agree to send the agreed commission to Red Oak Tax Refunds within a period of 5 days by way of electronic fund transfer (EFT) or bank draft. At the expiration of that period, any outstanding amount on the account will be subject to interest by virtue of the Statutory Interest on Late Payments (Commercial Transactions) Regulations 2002.

Our Promise to You

We take great pride in our personal service and we apply all due diligence and care to your refund application and personal information. Specifically:

  • We will email and text the same day to let you know your application form has arrived and to confirm the next steps. We will begin registration as your tax agent immediately.
  • The Revenue Commissioners will send both you as customer and us as agent a copy of a tax statement when a tax refund review is complete. We will check this statement the day it arrives to ensure it is correct and contact you for payment details same day. Payment will be made within 2 working days of receipt of your payment details.
  • We will retain and protect your personal information as per the relevant data protection legislation.