PAYE Tax Refund Customers
For standard PAYE Customers our fee is 9% + vat, subject to a minimum fee of €29 (inclusive of vat) for each year there is a refund due.
Remember “We dig deeper for Refunds”. Make sure you select a Tax Agent that asks the right questions in their review and is available by text, phone and email, or you will likely miss out on maximising your Tax Refund.“No Refund, No Charge” If we do not find you a refund, there is no charge for our service.
Other Tax ServicesIf you are a PAYE Taxpayer, but also have additional income or complicated circumstances, contact us now by email at refunds@redoak.ie describing your situation or by phone to 05991 73300 for a personal quote.Please ensure you review our Terms & Conditions prior to submitting your application.