At Red Oak Tax Refunds we use a simple 3 step process to getting your tax refund, simply contact us and fill in some simple information. We then do all the hard work and find out if you are due a tax refund. Then Voila! We send you your refund. Simple.

If your tax agent does not ask you questions about your circumstances, either in the application form, or through follow up Consult, then you may be missing out on Refunds – Or even claiming incorrect Refunds , which you will be held responsible for by Revenue.

What Tax Refunds can we get for you?

We check everything we can to get you a refund. Hover over a label for more information.
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Tax Review

Our Tax Experts will review your pay, tax, tax credits and USC to see if you have overpaid tax. We operate on a “No Refund, No Charge” model, so if you do not get a refund, there is no charge.

What's included in Tax Reviews?

How Many Years?
We can check your taxes going back 4 years (to 2020). We don't need you to dig out old payslips - we will source this information from Revenue directly.

Simple Online Form
By signing up online you spare yourself the hassle of posting and printing forms. The form may be completed on your phone, tablet or PC.

Why do we need a signed form?
The signed form is your permission to us to act as your tax agent with Revenue. It allows us to see your pay and tax records for the last 4 years.

What is included in the Review?

Full Income Tax Review
We take your raw pay and tax information and do our own tax calculation for each year being review. This allows us to understand if you are due a refund, are balanced, or have underpaid tax and advise you accordingly.
These calculations and reviews also mean we ask you the right questions - not loads of questions - in our search for extra refunds. Understanding the clients circumstances is key to getting your taxes right and getting refunds

Full USC Review
USC is such a big hit on most payslips - but can be refunded, in part or in full depending on your circumstances. We perform a full USC review as part of our standard review.

Extra Refunds for Medical Card

Did you know that if you had a medical card, you shouldn't have to pay the top rate of USC? Mmh Hmm - plenty of refunds of over €1,000 just for having a medical card.

Tax Back for Renting

The Rent Tax Credit is back.  If you are renting you can claim €500 tax refund and if you are Married this can increase up to €1,000! We will let you know what details are needed - we make it surprisingly simple.  View more details HERE

Refunds for Medical Expenses

Our golden rule for Medical Expenses? You can claim anything paid to a medical professional or prescribed by a medical professional.
Or even more simply - If in doubt keep the receipt and get us to check it for you!

For more information on what Medical Expenses you can claim, check out our Medical Expenses section here

Tax Refunds for Jobs

Doctor, Teacher, Mechanic, Engineer, Panel Beater, Labourer, Waiter, Barman - these are just a few of the jobs that are due extra refunds. Tell us your occupation or job title and leave the rest to us.
View more details here

Refunds for Marital Status

Did you know that getting married can save you over €4,000 in Tax? That's got a nice 'Ring' to it. All part of our normal service, we can ensure your marital status is correctly reflected in your tax refund.

Refunds based on having Children

Having Children affects a number of different tax credits. We'll make sure you are getting all the refunds due if you have kids.

Update and review of Welfare Income

Unlike some other companies, we don't ask you to try and figure out your taxable welfare income, when we can do it ourselves for you.

Update contact details

Do Revenue have out of date phone or email contact details for you or an old postal address? We'll update your contact details. But we still operate as Revenue's first point of contact for you - let us deal with any queries.

Tax Refunds for Dependent Relative

If you help maintain a relative at your own expense you could be due an extra tax credit - ask our team about this, as part of our normal tax refund service.

Other Personal Tax Credits

There are even more tax refunds you may be due depending on your circumstances - rely on us here at Red Oak to maximise your tax refund.